Why water?

The unique magical properties of the water provide an ideal environment to exercise. 

Buoyancy decreases the effects of gravity. It therefore reduces weight bearing stress through the body which allows greater ease of movement with less strain on bones, joints, and muscles. Buoyancy also assists in venous return. On land, the downward force of gravity pushes blood toward the feet. The cardiovascular system works against gravity to return blood to the heart. In the water, the upward force of buoyancy counteracts the downward pull of gravity thus assisting with venous return. This will contribute to lower exercise heart rates during exercise. 

Hydrostatic pressure increases the pressure on the outside of an immersed standing body. This leads to a decrease in swelling in extremities and improvement in circulation and venous return. 

Water dissipates increased temperature during exercise therefore one can exercise quite vigorously without feeling overheated 

The density of water is approximately 1000 times greater than air. Water therefore provides great resistance. Resistance can be graded depending on different hand configurations. Musculoskeletal workouts are balanced as water provided resistance in all directions. 

Turbulence creates an unstable environment encouraging the core stabilising muscles of the body to become stronger to maintain correct position and posture. Turbulence can be manipulated to make an exercise easier or harder

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