I have seen Sally Shannon for physio over the past 3 years whenever I have had an injury, and cannot speak highly enough of her knowledge of the body and her skill at finding just the right combination of treatment and exercise. I like that she has always encouraged and guided me to take charge of my own body and not become dependent on her for unnecessary long-term treatment. And on top of that she listens, is caring and extremely funny – which is just the medicine one needs when in pain. I highly recommend Sally, and the Debbie Grusd practice.

Sally works at a level of personal and professional care that is remarkable. And she has an intellect and knowledge of the body and mind to match. After some 20 years of chronic pain related to hypermobility and many, many practitioners (each of whom was caring and helpful but ultimately my pain persisted), I finally met Sally. She has taught me how to understand and manage my pain. This was not an easy process but we persisted. Progress led to increased confidence and an ability – through regular water work with her – to gain muscle strength where needed. She has been truly transformative in my life.

Jacqui has been helping me for nearly two years. She is highly skilled and demonstrates empathy and care in all she does. She is invitational and has helped me improve my core strength and fitness. I have injured my back a couple of times, and she has always carefully helped me back to mobility. One of my favourite things about her is a great sense of humour. We have a few good laughs every week! .

Debbie is a focused body worker who listens to the body. She balances working with love, passion and skill beautifully.

Jacqui is a very bubbly person with lots of empathy and gentleness. She is easy to communicate with and can adjust her techniques to any current situation on the spur of the moment. Every session she comes up with new ideas on how to do existing exercises differently which make her classes very exciting. Apart from her expertise Jacqui makes her classes fun and I always feel that I don’t want to miss any of her sessions, never mind what. Having sessions with her is a very unique experience. .

I have been attending aqua classes at this studio for close on three years. The classes are of a high standard and I always leave feeling so much better than when I came in. The camaraderie between the participants is always great and I recommend this practise to anyone who has back issues or cant bear the thought of a noisy gym.

I have experienced Debbie's Watsu treatments regularly over the last year. For me each session has served as a metaphor for my life's journey  times of letting go, times to be nurtured and held as if I was once more in the womb, times for flowing, times for complete stillness. Debbie works with integrity and intuition and creates a safe space that has enabled me to experience a deep sense of peace and healing.

Recovery from  full hip replacement surgery was phenomenal, once I started with Aqua Therapy.  I seem to grow stronger so much faster as soon as I started with rehab in the water.

Aqua gives me a reason to jump out of bed in the morning. I love how it makes me able to face the rest of the day after 45 minutes cocooned in the warm water.
I recently had a knee replacement and started Aqua Physio at Debbie Grusd. I have been going 3 times a week and all I can say is it's the best thing I have ever done. I have tried in the past the gym and other exercise, you name it!!! This has been the best for me, I so look forward to my classes and can't wait to get into the water. My whole body has toned and as for the aches and pains, it's just fantastic and has done me the world of good!

I have been going to Aqua Classes willingly for the past two years- which is surprising for me as I am usually  exercise averse. These classes have changed my attitude so radically that I now get upset if I can’t make it! They have finally achieved what so many in my family have been struggling for years to do—make me an exercise (actually only an aqua-exercise) addict.
Not only do the classes make me fitter, and work areas of my body that need stretching, mobilsing and general upgrading but they are often a cathartic release of stress and a place where we can have a real laugh!

My experience of tremoring post childbirth and 3 months of caring for a small baby was quite profound. The pent up anxiety, stress, and exhaustion led to a deep physical and emotional release, more powerful than any form of relaxation therapy, meditation or exercise. It is quite an out of body experience to feel one's body releasing stress and tension quite involuntarily. The sense of calm, lightness and groundedness post the experience was for me like emerging refreshed from a deep sleep or a good therapy session, emotionally and physically renewed. It will of course be different for every person, but if nothing else, will leave you feeling very relaxed. It is something I think every person should experience.

Three months after I gave birth to my baby, I tried a tremoring class. The difference I felt before and after the class was profound. My sympathetic nervous system (fight, flight, freeze reaction) had been on such a high alert and I finally felt my parasympathetic (rest and digest) system kick in. It was as if the tremoring ‘allowed’ my body to ‘come down’. I felt normal for the first time in what felt like forever (considering the stress my body had endured through 9 months of pregnancy, natural birth and the very intense period post birth). That weekend my partner observed that I was in a much better mood than I had been for a while!
After years of pain, I finally decided to go for a knee replacement surgery. The rehab I received with Pauline in the pool afterwards was greatly beneficial. It not only ensured my full recovery, but gave me a new perspective on exercising and I can highly recommend her as a therapist. I have since continued my pool sessions with positive physical and mental changes

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