About Debbie Grusd

Debbie completed an undergraduate BSc. Physiotherapy degree at UCT, graduating in 2002. She went on to specialise in advanced aquatic therapy and rehabilitation. She also qualified as a Watsu Aquatic Practitioner in 2005. At the same time, outside of the water (on land!), Debbie trained under Physiotherapist Daphne Orkin in a form of bodywork called Mezieres.

This work led her to focus on clients struggling with chronic pain, stress and trauma. She realised the missing link in working with these clients was a more integrated mind-body approach so in 2008 she began her own journey in meditation and mindfulness-based interventions (MBI's). She incorporates these MBI's in her treatments and facilitates the mindfulness-based stress reduction programme. See www.beingmindful.co.za for more information on this programme.

Through her years of working with the body, she had a fascination with the hip flexor (iliopsoas) muscle. Dr. David Berceli came out with the Trauma Release Therapy (TRE) Technique that links trauma to this hip flexor muscle. This revolutionary technique releases chronic tension and stress from the body. Debbie qualified under
Dr David Berceli and Dr Melanie Salmon as a TRE practitioner in 2012.

Debbie runs her land and aquatic-based Physiotherapy practice. She focuses on the holistic side of therapy using watsu, mezieres, MBI's and TRE as her tools in consultation.

Her team specialise in orthopaedic and neurological physiotherapy and rehabilitation in and out of the water.

About Jacqueline Booysen

Jacqueline is a two time UCT graduate, having first received a Bachelor of Music (Dance), after which she completed her BSc (Physiotherapy) degree (UCT). She is thrilled to have found a niche where she can blend both the dance and physiotherapy backgrounds in performing Watsu, presentation of Aqua classes, and in the delivery of skilful physiotherapy sessions both on land and in the water. The biggest part of what she loves about practicing physiotherapy is the positive difference it can make in someone's life.

Her additional skills include licencing to perform Dry needling, having completed both ODNS dry needling 1&2. She has also attended numerous aquatic courses including: Advanced international aquatic therapy techniques (Peggy Shroedinger); EBP Aquatic foundation (AQPG); Aquatic therapy and Gerontology (AQPG); as well as Aqua Pilates workshop (Fiona Holze).

About Sara van Velze

Sara completed her BSc. Physiotherapy degree at UCT, graduating in 2012. She then went on to complete her community service in a Mpumalanga hospital, and returned to Cape Town a year later where she has since worked in both hospital and outpatient settings. During her studies, she developed a keen interest in chronic pain and as her career has developed she has become passionate about active rehab and empowering people, through education, to exercise and take control of their bodies, viewing them as strong, capable and trustworthy. She has completed both her Dry Needling Levels 1 and 2 and having done a number of the chronic pain individual courses, she aims to complete the National Pain Course in the near future.

She completed a master’s degree in Physiotherapy in 2018 with a focus on people with chronic osteoarthritic knee pain, who were undergoing total knee replacements. With a large portion of her career being spent on land-based work, she has found that aquatherapy in particular is an exciting way to further allow people to take control of their bodies and rehabilitation in situations where land-based exercise may lack or be inappropriate.

Sara grew up in Fish Hoek and still lives there currently. Her core values are time, family, relationship and loyalty. She loves spending time with her family and enjoys the beach, camping and sitting around a good fire with a cup of hot chocolate.

About Christa Kruger

As a biokineticist, Christa aims to improve physical functioning in final phase rehabilitation by means of particular clinically-approved exercises. Her physical rehabilitation career path began with training in the Pure Classical Pilates method in 2009 and led to completion of an undergraduate in Human Movement Science in 2012 with interests in abnormal, social and human developmental psychology at the University of Pretoria. Following this, Christa was accepted into a small group of BSc (Medicine) (Honours) Exercise Science (Biokinetics) honours students at the University of Cape Town in 2013. She went on to complete her dual biokinetics internship in 2014 at the Discovery Wellness & Fitness Centre, and at the Sports and Exercise Medicine Clinic & Clinical Research Centre at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA). She enjoys working with orthopaedic, cardiac and chronic disease rehabilitation, in particular, injuries of the lower limb and spine, and has worked as an independent biokineticist based at First Principles Gym in Regent Road, Sea Point since 2015.

Christa joined Debbie’s practice in January 2016 and has been using her love for water to expand the ways in which she’s able to assist her patients in achieving their physical rehabilitation goals. By working so closely with one another, physiotherapists and biokineticists at Debbie’s practice are able to provide more tailored rehab with a closer eye on their patient’s progress to ensure a shorter and more beneficial recovery. Christa lives in Noordhoek – she loves the sea, mountains and her husband’s exceptional cooking.

Christa lives in Muizenberg – she loves the sea, mountains and her husband’s cooking.

About Pauline Steenkamp

Pauline completed her BSc Animal Science degree and thereafter her physiotherapy degree at UCT. She worked at Baragwanath hospital and at a private orthopaedic and aquatherapy practice in Johannesburg before moving down to Cape Town. She did her orthopaedic manipulative therapy post-graduate and Pilates course in 2016. She has a love for aquatherapy and the difference it can make in people's perception about health and exercise. She enjoys hiking and stand-up paddling among other things that Cape Town has to offer.

The Pool

The pool is heated and fully enclosed. The depth ranges from 1.2m to 1.9m and the temperature is main- tained at 32 – 34 degrees Celsius. The heating system is solar powered and backed up by electrical heat pumps. The water is purified by an ozone system (active oxygen) and bromine tablets.

Ozone is safe and gentle on the skin and has no odour.The pool is constantly monitored to ensure that a healthy, hygienic environment is maintained at all times.

The Practice

The practice consists of 2 Physiotherapy treatment areas with reception and bathroom.The pool has a change room facility with a shower and toilet.

There are security cameras at the entrance and along the pathway to the practice. The practice is alarmed and supported by The Response Team. 

Parking is available outside the practice, on the opposite side of Kloof Road and in Avenue Disant. 

Tel: 021 433 0791 • Email: admin@aquaphysio.co.za • Address: 49 Kloof Road, Fresnaye, Cape Town

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